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Emergency Medical Minute


May 22, 2020

Host: Elizabeth Esty, MD.

At this point, with so many of the studies we’ve digested exploring correlations, associations, observational studies and anecdotal reports and speculation, we could subtitle the show: what we don’t know about COVID. And so, today, we’ll look at what we don’t know about Vitamin D and COVID. There have been a number of studies and a fair amount of media coverage in recent weeks that look at a possible link between low Vitamin D levels and severity of COVID. 

Vitamin D plays a role in both adaptive and innate immunity, which we discussed at some length in our episode on the BCG vaccine and COVID. Macrophages starved for Vitamin D can’t produce peroxide to kill microbes, and some of the toll-like receptors crucial to innate immunity that recognize pathogen molecules don't work right without Vitamin D. Finally, Vitamin D modulates the immune response, preventing release of too many cytokines.

The potential for Vitamin D to play a role in preventing severe COVID-19 seems plausible, but what does the science say?

Research By: Elizabeth Esty and Nathan Novotny.

Sound Editing By: Nathan Novotny.


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