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Emergency Medical Minute


Jun 27, 2020

Taken from 'UnfilterED #8: Dr. Christopher Hoyte'.

“This current sars-coV-2 / COVID-19 situation should really be a wake-up call for not just a pandemic, but for a biological attack...One of the things I would like to do when we bring our attention back from COVID and get through this pandemic is to really start to prepare for disaster preparedness on the level and scale that we need to for a biological attack and get our hospitals ready, my poison center ready, state and local governments ready so that we can meet that challenge when it happens.” - Dr. Chris Hoyte


Dr. Chris Hoyte is an ED physician, toxicologist and researcher based in Denver, CO. He was featured in Bring Em’ All: Chaos. Care. Stories from Medicine’s Front Line, a book celebrating emergency physicians through personal testimonies and photography on the frontlines captured by legendary photographer, Eugene RIchards.


Photo © courtesy Eugene Richards