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Emergency Medical Minute


Jun 29, 2018


Author: Sam Killian, MD

Educational Pearls:


  • Recent study examining fasting and adverse events during procedural sedation found no association between fasting duration and any type of adverse event.
  • Of the 6,183 children in the study, about 6 vomited during the procedure, and about 300 vomited recently after the...

Jun 27, 2018

Author: Chris Holmes, MD

Educational Pearls:


  • There is a risk of cerebral edema in pediatrics with DKA if over resuscitated.
  • Recent study comparing normal saline vs. ½ normal saline showed no difference in rates of cerebral edema regardless of rate of infusion.
  • Recommend sticking with a fluid resuscitation...

Jun 25, 2018

Author: Sue Chilton, MD

Educational Pearls:


  • IV drug use and spinal procedures are major risk factors.
  • Classic triad of back pain, focal neurological deficit and fever. However, presence of fever is highly variable. Neurologic deficits may not present until later, but then they can have a rapid progression of...

Jun 22, 2018

Author: Aaron Lessen, MD.

Educational Pearls:


  • When foley is stuck, balloon may not have deflated.
  • Make sure balloon is not in the urethra, which can block drainage.
  • Cut off the port as it may be obstructed.
  • If still not draining, pass guide wire through port to unclog catheter.
  • Other techniques have been...

Jun 20, 2018

Educational Pearls:


  • Snake bites commonly occur between April and October.
  • Rattlesnake bites are the most common.
  • Venom contains proteins/enzymes that cause local inflammation, coagulopathy, and systemic effects (hypotension, angioedema, renal failure, etc.) along with neurotoxins may cause fasciculations, ptosis,...