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Emergency Medical Minute


Mar 29, 2019

Author: Don Stader, MD

Educational Pearls:

  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are effective pain relievers but come with important side effects
  • NSAIDs inhibit COX-1 and/or COX-2, which decreases the production of prostaglandins, which reduce pain and inflammation
  • Side effects of NSAIDS include increased...

Mar 27, 2019

Author: Sam Killian, MD

Educational Pearls:

  • Viral gastroenteritis alters the gut microbiome and it is theorized that probiotics may help reduce the duration and severity of the disease.
  • Double-blind randomized controlled trial involving almost 900 children with viral gastroenteritis compared 5 days of probiotics to a...

Mar 25, 2019

Author: Dylan Luyten, MD

Educational Pearls:

  • A “banana bag” is a bag of IV fluid that contains various vitamins and minerals including folate and thiamine
  • IV fluids do not alter intoxicated patients recovery in the emergency department
  • Folate deficiency is rare in the intoxicated patient
  • Some intoxicated patients...

Mar 23, 2019

Author: Ryan Circh, MD

Educational Pearls:

  • Chronic salicylate (ASA) toxicity can present in elderly patients as altered mental status
  • Consider chronic toxicity in patients with an unexplained anion gap acidosis
  • Treatment for chronic ingestion typically  includes IV fluids and urine alkalinization



Mar 20, 2019

Author: Dylan Luyten, MD

Educational Pearls:

  • Recent randomized controlled trial compared intravenous to oral acetaminophen in emergency department patients
  • There was no difference in pain relief between the groups
  • While the actual acquisition cost of these drugs are not significant, the cost multipliers that are passed...