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Emergency Medical Minute


Jan 29, 2020

Dr. Vivek Tayal of Carolinas Medical Center, a pioneer of using ultrasound in the emergency department, reflects on his role in establishing ultrasound use in emergency medicine and much more!


Ultrasound Program Management:



Jan 28, 2020

Contributor:  Dylan Luyten, MD

Educational Pearls:

  • Clear the nasal passages - have the patient, if stable, blow their nose to dislodge any clot that might be in the way
  • Searching for the source of bleeding can be tough. Majority of anterior bleeding is from Kesselbach’s plexus
  • Placing a clamp to provide direct...

Jan 28, 2020

Contributor:  Aaron Lessen, MD

Educational Pearls:


  • Emergency department evaluation of falls, particularly in the elderly, should include an assessment of risk factors
  • Common causes of falls in the elderly include medications. Review medication list for sedating medications amongst others
  • Consult with your...

Jan 22, 2020

In the first episode of this new series, the complexities of decision making capacity are discussed. 

References and Further Reading:

[1] Appelbaum, P. S. (2007). Assessment of patients' competence to consent to treatment. New England Journal of Medicine357(18), 1834-1840.


[2] Etchells, E., Darzins, P., Silberfeld,...

Jan 21, 2020

Author: Michael Hunt, MD

Educational Pearls:

  • Organophosphate “nerve agents” were developed in the 1930’s
  • These agents have cholinergic effects, which can be remembered by the mnemonic “SLUDGE”
    • Salivation
    • Lacrimation
    • Urination
    • Defecation 
    • GI cramping
    • Emesis 
  • The “SLUDGE” toxidrome is mediated through...