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Emergency Medical Minute


Aug 19, 2019

Author: Susan Ryan, DO

Educational Pearls:

  • General orthopedic principles:
    • Examine above and below the injury
    • Document neurovascular status
    • X-ray imaging typically requires three different views
  • Fracture description should include name the bone, location of fracture, degree of displacement, and if it is closed or...

Feb 15, 2019

Author: Ryan Circh, MD

Educational Pearls:

  • Ulnar collateral ligament injury is often called gamekeeper’s thumb or skier’s thumb
  • Can results from traumatic deviating the thumb radially (abduction)
  • Poor rabbits
  • Have a low threshold for referral to hand surgery for follow up - treatment for minor injuries can be...

Nov 12, 2018

Author: Mark Hinton, MD

Educational Pearls:


  • Meniscus lock can occur with a tear leading to inability to extend the knee
  • Treatment can include an intra-articular joint block followed by straightening
  • Medial meniscus injuries are more common



Allum RL, Jones JR. The locked knee. Injury. 1986...

Sep 21, 2018

Author:  Ryan Circh, MD

Educational Pearls:


  • A “shoulder separation” is when the clavicle separates from the scapula - also referred to as an acromio-clavicular (AC) separation
  • Diagnosis is clinical: pain over AC joint, pain with adduction, and difficulty raising harm past horizontal
  • Early range of motion can...