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Emergency Medical Minute


Apr 22, 2021

This week’s episode features a fascinating conversation with Dr. Nadia Tremonti, medical director for the pediatric palliative care program at Children’s Hospital of Michigan in Detroit. Dr. Tremonti was the featured physician in an independent short film Palliative and subsequent New York Times shorter excerpt Dying in your Mother’s Arms that explore her work with terminally ill pediatric patients. From conversations of religion’s role in processing disease to the physician’s role in alleviating suffering for patients and their families, Nick and Nadia explore the existential ground in this thought-provoking segment. 


Time Stamps

00:47 Introductions

3:50 How patients led her to pursue palliative care

14:32 Dr. Tremonti’s approach to palliative care

21:42 Understanding patients’ and family’s language to guide counseling

31:38 Most frequent anxieties and fears of families of pediatric palliative care patients

37:21 How emergent interventions can shift burden of decision to continue life-sustaining measures to families

47:45 Navigating existential questions of life or death with patients and their families

55:38 Saddest part of palliative care


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