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Emergency Medical Minute


Jan 31, 2022

Contributor: Aaron Lessen, MD

Educational Pearls:

  • An endotracheal tube introducer or bougie are often used as a rescue device during difficult intubations as they are small and can be placed blindly
  • Large randomized-controlled trial looked at first-pass bougie use versus standard intubation to determine if there was...

Jan 26, 2022

Dr. Kim Nordstrom discusses a valuable bedside tool for evidence-based assessment in patients that visit the ED and are at risk for suicidality. Dr. Nordstrom is a practicing emergency psychiatrist and associate professor with the University of Colorado. As a developer and user of the tool, Dr. Nordstrom gives us...

Jan 25, 2022

Contributor: Aaron Lessen, MD

Educational Pearls:

  • Think about giving take home naloxone kits for anyone on long-term opioids as well as anyone with an opioid use disorder, those in opioid withdrawal, or those who recently overdosed on opioids
  • Also consider for individuals with non-opioid substance use disorders
  • For...

Jan 24, 2022

Contributor: Nick Tsipis, MD

Educational Pearls:

  • Prothrombin complex concentrate (Kcentra)  and Vitamin K are used to reverse life-threatening bleeds in patients on warfarin (Coumadin)
  • Factors II, VII, IX, and X are included in four-factor PCC
  • PCC/Kcentra dosing is 500-2000 units based on INR and patient weight
  • PROPER3...

Jan 18, 2022

Contributor: Nick Hatch, MD

Educational Pearls:

  • Botulism requires a prompt clinical diagnosis as lab results can take about 5 days to return
  • Whale blubber, honey, home fermented foods, homemade wine (especially the wine made in prison), and improperly stored canned food can all contain the toxin
  • The botulinum toxin is...