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Emergency Medical Minute


May 13, 2020

Host: Elizabeth Esty, MD.

Smoking is known to increase both susceptibility and severity of all manner of colds and pneumonias, so you’d think the world's 1.1 billion smokers would be at risk in this pandemic of what at first seemed to be a just a respiratory virus. 

What’s more, tobacco smoking increases risk for COPD, diabetes and coronary disease, so it may increase risk for more severe COVID indirectly. So it’s remarkable that preliminary evidence suggests that smokers may be less likely to be harmed by COVID than non-smokers. A story that’s gotten a fair amount of attention in the media concerns reports from France that smoking may be protective against COVID. We took a closer look and found that similar reports are coming in from across the globe, including the US. We decided to take some time to look at papers and attempt to explain this relationship. 

Research By: Elizabeth Esty, MD.

Sound Editing By: Nathan Novotny.


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